The Solarbotics Marble Machine (Battery Edition) Announcement

We are happy to announce the arrival of the Battery Edition Marble Machine. Starting today it is available at our website for backorder, and will be fully available for purchase starting tomorrow May 16.

You are probably familiar with its older cousin, the Solar Marble Machine that has a clever circuit that delivers short bursts of energy collected by the solar cell to the gear wheel.  And while the Solar Marble Machine runs on pure and natural solar energy and is a lot of fun of fun to watch, the Battery Version doesn’t depend on the external lighting conditions and will faithfully deliver mesmerizing marble run action in complete darkness if necessary, with just a flip of a switch. On top of that, it is solder-free. In fact, it is so easy to assemble, your cat could build it.

The kit comes to you complete with all the components you need to build your own Marble Machine. The assembly is straightforward and well-documented, and you will only need a few hand tools (no hot melting solder spewing around, expensive tools or motor skills required). The wooden parts come in handy panels with additional instructions, and if you snap a piece during assembly, we’ll send you out a replacement part (email for details). We also have spent a good chunk of engineering time improving the initial layout to make the machine’s assembly and performance smoother.

So here you have – you can now populate your desk with a self-sufficient wooden distraction and watch the marbles roll down automagically.

Check out the Marble Machine in action:

We also created a handy assembly video for your cat to refer to: