Tech Tip: Micro Terminal Blocks

We use many, many devices with 0.1″ spaced holes, which are pretty much an electronics design standard. We’re finding these 0.1″ space terminal blocks incredibly useful for making solid, secure, yet serviceable connections to the rest of our designs. We’ll often reach for a microcontroller board, then reach for a necessary handful of these parts to solder onto the pinholes, just to have to change it as the design progresses. These allow for easy solderless changes, vital for prototyping products.

Inexpensive, and useful. Try some – we’ll bet you agree.

We now carry 2-, 3- (new!), 6-, 8- and 10-position terminal blocks suitable for pretty much any number of pins:


Easy to mount on the board…

…and make quick and secure connections.



Super handy, and easily field serviceable.