SparkFun Free Day, Practical Arduino

Practical ArduinoAlrighty, the week has already slid by and it’s time for another update. We have one new product to show off – Practical Arduino by Jonathan Oxer and Hugh Blemings. It contains 13 projects packed into 16 chapters/420+ pages, covering a wide array of an Arduino’s potential. It’s a pretty comprehensive read.

Perhaps the biggest chunk of news, which has very little to do with us, is that SparkFun is still standing after their Free Day. We found it particularly fun to watch, and one of us got so far into it and answered the phone with “Hello, SparkFun”. True story. Anways, SparkFun posted a pretty nifty video they recorded during the day:

We did our part to contribute by sending a mourning/rest in peace flower bouquet for each of their poor, dead servers. Check out the 4:12 mark in the video.And in other news, our Twitter account just reached 300 followers. Be sure to check it out for the odd piece of news and random tidbits.