Solarbotics Sumo Workshops

We’re involved with a couple of upcoming workshops featuring our Sumovore Mini-Sumo! (No local link yet, until it’s officially on sale – sorry!)

The first one is at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT) Open House in Edmonton, Alberta. Besides a mini-sumo, full-size sumo, fire-fighting, and line-follower, they’re also running two workshops, one on October 11, and again right before the open house on October 17, to be followed by a competition on the 18th. Check out the website details for registration information.

Solarbotics is also going to be workshop-happy with another Sumovore workshop at the Seattle Robothon. If you’re interested, look for workshop and registration details here.

The last one is being hosted by our distributor, Bug’n’Bots, out in Toronto October 11 and 18th. Check out full details here.