Solarbotics & EZ-Robot: The EZBv3!

DJ Sures has been a customer of ours for a good while now, and he recently came in with this really cool product –  the EZ-B. He’s a professional programmer that’s been hacking toys into robots, and wanted an more streamlined way to realize his dream of simple-to-implement robotics. He started with his own versions 1 and 2, and now they’ve sold out, he approached us to see if we’d be interested in helping him bring EZ-Bv3 to market so he can work on his main love, programming and hacking robots!

The EZ-B offers a streamlined way to connect your PC to practically any device you want to robotize and make autonomous. Here’s the gist of it:

  • Powerful EZ-B software runs on your PC, and does the “heavy lifting” computing
  • PC communicates bidirectionally to the EZ-B hardware via long-range 9600 baud wireless Bluetooth.

So what makes this so noteworthy? Why use this over an Arduino? Here’s why:

  • Leverage the power of your (usually on) PC to give your robot a huge advantage over 8-bit microcontrollers. Advantages already available to you include
    • Using a wireless videocam signal for camera object tracking
    • Use Voice recognition on your PC to control your robot
    • Use Visual Studio .Net C# or VB to program your own modules and scripts.
  • Arduino Shield Compatible! Plug in practically any Arduino shield into the EZ-B!

Want more details? Check out the EZ-Robot website, or the product page!