Solarbotics at the MAKER FAIRE

We are going to be at one of the two coolest shows on earth, the San Francisco Bay Area MAKER FAIRE! (The other coolest show is the Austin version!) So we are packing up shop and heading down to beautiful California where it’s warm and not snowing! If you are in the area, have a load of free air miles and/or a private jet be sure to come check it out, it’s guaranteed to be a blast! And be sure to check out our booth and say hi, maybe even buy a Herbie or three!

Considering this, the office will be on minimal staff for the next week, so please be considerate to those unfortunate few who have to stay behind, they are already upset that some of us will have a head start on our tans. But never fear, we are still shipping orders every day except for Friday May 2nd and Monday May 5th.