Site Back Up; Cool Links Wednesday: Halloween Edition

If you’ve noticed, our website had another slight weapons malfunction that happened last night. Our server in NYC is raising from the ashes as we speak and the hamsters are back to spinning their wheels. We’re even able to process orders now! Please don’t hesitate to give us a shout if you have any concerns or questions. Please bear with us, though – there may be further (brief) outages as the situation in New York stabilizes.

..aaaand now to our usual links selection.

Fun fact: humans use only 7% of their brains, and only zombies utilize the whole thing. Om nom nom… As you have guessed, this horrible joke was sponsored by Halloween. And horrible jokes particularly come in handy on Wednesdays, when we hafta roll out a new portion of delicious links for you. All the internets seems to be coloured orange and black these days, so we’ll follow (thematic) suit:

Skeleton Cut-Out Shirt
I lied. This is not orange. Or black. But it’s a skull! So it must be cool… And it’s a cheap way to show reverence to the Halloween craze. You literally don’t need anything, just a pair of sharp scissors and a spare t-shirt.
Knitted QR Code
Black and white knitted QR code, just like it should be. You can wear it as a… hmm… bib… or a hat. And that will be a costume of Something Geeky Digital Maybe Even Binary Knitted Stuff!
E-Demon Costume Complete!
This wicked e-demon costume is… really awesome. It uses a voice changer with Adafruit wave shield in conjunction with mini led matrices that animate the demon’s face, while speakers project the voice forward. Overall a great idea and implementation.
Pumpkin Tetris
Pumpktris! This pumpkin-shaped Tetris will distract all your trick-or-treaters that might wander onto your porch, so you’ll never have to part with your candy… The stem even doubles as a joystick.
A 3 Part Modular Survival/Travel Kit
While you are doing all this crazy Halloweenin’, you might need to carry a survival kit. “What for?!” you might appropriately exclaim. Well, we all know how ugly things can get while you’re out in the residential badlands, searching for the best candy a neighborhood can offer.

Now if you will excuse me, I need to go calculate the number of calories in a human brain. Just for interest’s sake, you know…