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December 16, 2011

Ok, we won't lie - we have a lot of content to show you today, so we're going to jump right in, starting with...

Shipping Cutoff Dates

It's getting down to the wire if you want to get a few last-minute gifts for Christmas. Here are our cutoff dates for submitting an order and still receiving in before the 25th:

Courier (Purolator/UPS Standard):
United States & Canada: Dec. 14-20
Western Europe & United Kingdom: Dec. 20
Eastern Europe, Africa, Middle East: Dec. 14-20
South and Central Americal: Dec. 19
South Asia: Dec. 16
Far East: Dece. 19
Australia: Dec. 20
Standard Mail (Xpresspost/Priority):
Canada: December 21
United States: December 16

Courier (Purolator/UPS Next Day):
United States & Canada: December 22

Office Projects

Mr BiteyMister Bitey, Resistor Cutter Extraordinaire!
Have you ever had to cut lots of components off of reels? No? Well aren't you just lucky. For those of us who aren't so fortunate, our resident IT guy took it upon himself to build something to help speed up the process. Mister Bitey is a ribbon component cutting robot based on Oomlout's RECO (Resistor Cutting Robot). You can read more about it here.

AArdweeny Project Packutonomous Brutusbot Code
The BrutusBot has been out for a few weeks now, and the R&D team just can't stop playing & experimenting. They've come up with a code example that works with the Brutusbot and the Brutusbot Electronics Bundle that we featured last week that allows your bot to wander autonomously using the IR distance sensor. Use it, tweak it, modify it. Just don't turn it into a bloodthirsty AI. That might get... Messy. You can find this code here.

New & Featured Products

Arduino Sumovore Bundle The Sumovore is a wildly popular and successful mini-sumo. What it needs, obviously, is to be turned into the most extravagant Arduino shield, ever. We've come up with this handy Sumovore Arduino Adapter Board that will let you interface your Arduino right into this sumo's body (it's even compatible with the PICAXE-28X2 Shield Base). This makes it the first full kit solution for building an Arduino-powered sumo. Plug it in, load up some delicious open-source code, and start pushin' people around. We've put together this handy Arduino Sumovore Bundle so that you can get the whole shebang (Sumo, Arduino and the Adapter) together and save 10% ($13.95) over buying everything separately.
Herbie the Mousebot Rainbow Herbie the Mousebot - $39.95
Without any microcontrollers or programming, you can build this fast, light-chasing (such as a flashlight), obstacle avoiding robot. Great for beginners, and comes in red, blue, white, black, pink and now in new funky rainbow colours.
PumLantern Christmas PumLantern - $29.95
We've whipped a fresh new holiday theme for our PumLantern kit. You can get your holiday blinky fix in black, red, blue or green. Already own a PumLantern and just want a new shell? This is what you'll need.
Tiny Lantern Kit Tiny Lantern - $2.75
What happens when you cross an LED, a coin cell battery, and a little bit of laser-cut acrylic? Our new Tiny Lantern. It stands about 2", technically qualifying for the 'adorable' category of small electronic lanterns. A simple and fun decoration.
The PICAXE PWM-IC is a special 8 pin chip designed to drive a L293D motor driver chip to add speed control without any extra output pins needed from your microcontroller.
PICAXE-28X2 Shield Base (Kit) PICAXE-28X2 Shield Base (Kit) - $17.56 USD / $18.50 CAD
The PICAXE-28X2 shield base has been designed to be compatible with almost all 'shield modules' as used with the Arduino system. This a very affordable project board for PICAXE development!
Serial Miniature LCD Module 1.44 Serial Miniature LCD Module 1.44" - $31.95 USD / $33.55 CAD
Compact and cost effective display module, with an embedded GOLDELOX-GFX2 graphics processor that delivers 'stand-alone' functionality to any project. Powerful graphics, text, image, animation and countless more features are built inside the GOLDELOX-GFX2 chip.
Arduino Cookbook Arduino Cookbook by Michael Margolis - $44.99
This is like a bible for the Arduino, covering the programming language, problems, interacting via remote control, working with libraries... This book has taken some of the most useful information available and put it all into one place. But it doesn't tell you how to actually cook an Arduino. Open Source Techno Soup may sound like it would be delicious, but it's not.
Gear Motor GM15a - 25:1 Planetary Gear Pager Motor "D" Shaft - $19.00
You might be familiar with our standard GM15 - a really tiny powerhouse (just under 6mm (0.235") in diameter) that produces a whopping 35.28gm*cm (0.49in*oz) of torque at stall. This new unit is pretty much the same, except with a 'D' shaped output shaft that'll make it a lot easier to use with your project.

Well, that's probably enough for one more week. Remember, it's still not too late to get your order in, but you'll want to place it soon. We'll do the best we can to get your shipment out as soon as we can, but mail carriers are getting pretty darn busy.


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