Sensors, sensors, sensors & customer projects too

I2C-It SensorAlriiiiight. We’ve teased at it off and on for the past little while, but it’s official – Solarbotics now carries sensors! Right now we’ve just added a big fist-full of distance / proximity sensors (17 items in total!), and a couple accessories. Stay tuned – we’ll be adding more to these categories as well as temperature, infra-red, motion, ultrasonic, force, light, and BittyBot sensors over the next months.

A great part of our line of business is that we have a bunch of customers that take our products and turn them into something really cool. This week we have no less than three cool projects we’d like to share with you:

…and that about wraps things up. Thanks to the above contributors for sharing their work. If you ever feel like showing off what you’re working on, don’t hesitate to let us know. Have a great weekend everyone!