Project Monday: All-Seeing Eye

Allseeing eye prototypeThis week’s project is coming to you fresh from Alex, an engineer in our R&D department, with some help from Yana, our graphic designer. They’ve developed an enclosure based on the SAFE that accommodates sensor mounts on each side in addition to an Arduino-style board within. And after putting on some short range and long range I2C-IT sensors and hooking them up to a Freeduino SB, BAM! INSTANT QUAD-DIRECTIONAL SENSOR ACTION! The module (called the All-Seeing Eye) is able to track distance (and motion) on each of the four sides. Here’s a video we shot last week of it in action:

Because it’s based on the SAFE, it’s automatically compatible for mounting (and use) with both the DragonTail and Brutusbot. Check out more photos of it on our Flickr stream. In the meantime, we’ll continue refining it to possibly release it as a bundle in the near future.