Product Feature: Bare Conductive Projects

We are always on the search of cool technology, so when we came across Bare Conductive, we thought: pizza! what a great find! Bare Conductive is a design and technology company from the UK that makes sensing tools for engineers, designers, and makers. They produce a line of electrically conductive paint, capacitive sensor hardware and a range of kits that are extremely well designed, documented, and accompanied by fun projects.

Here are the two projects contributed by the BareConductive community members:

Image by Sofia Aronov

Awake: Electric Paint Projection Mapping is a project by Sofia Aronov created in an attempt to connect the ‘overwhelming flatness of technology’ with tactile qualities of the physical world. Read more

Image by Fischer Appelt

A Conductive Sound Wall is a project that uses a Touch Board and Electric Paint to turn a flat drawing into an interactive sound experience. 


Bare Conductive designs and manufactures a suite of technologies that transform surfaces and objects into precise, robust and low cost sensors. This range of kits provides users with context and focused project outcomes for these future-facing platforms, regardless of experience level.