The biggest complaint we’ve ever had is that the Sumovore is boring. I mean, yeah, it can beat the tar out of most other sumos in the ring without batting an eye. But it’s just so boring to watch. It’d be funner to watch the paint dry on a pot of boiling water. So, after listening to you, our faithful customers, we’ve come up with a solution. It’s time to… Pimp yo’ Sumo. That’s right. What the Sumovore is obviously missing is some big, phat rims and some sweet sweet underglow. Now you’ll win in the ring because the other bots won’t even try. They know that they’ve already been outclassed and outgunned. There ain’t no sane competitor who’ll roll into the ring when their opponent is sittin’ all stylish-like. “Where do I get some of this awesome, awesome goodness?” you ask. For a limited time only you can get your own Sumovore Pimpin’ Upgrade for just $3.95. It includes:Pimpin' Sumo

  • Two big, white and pimpin’ spinners (with pimpin’ mounting screws)
  • An ultra-bright, pimpin’-green LED
  • A pimpin’ 150ohm resistor
  • Five pimpin’ inches of wire

Better grab it quick – quantities are limited. We can’t let just anybody get their hands on something this fantastic!