PICAXE Experimenter's Kit on sale!

Dave Hrynkiw
April 3, 2009

PICAXE Experimenter's KitWell, we're disappointed. Not a single one of you fell for our Pimp Your Sumo April Fool's joke.  Which is too bad, really, because we were actually ready to send them out to anyone that wanted one. Oh well, too late now!

But don't fret if you missed out - we have a special treat for you! The PCAXE Experimenter's Kit (both serial and USB versions) are on sale. Hurray! If you get it now you'll receive 5% off the standard retail price. But you better nab 'em quick - they're about to be discontinued. Once they're gone, they won't be coming back! And trust us, this one ain't no joke.

So that's all from the gang at Solarbotics for the week - we hope everyone's enjoying the start of April! (Even if it's still below freezing at night, the sky is grey, and there's snow in the forecast. Isn't spring great?)


April 27, 2012
At the Expo!

Bad news, everyone - we don't have any new OR shiny things to show off today. That's because we've been busy packing up to attend the Calgary Comic Expo, which runs this weekend, from the 27th to the 29th. We have a booth set up and will be showing off some of our cool stuff, […]

November 25, 2002
Small batteries!

We've come across a variety of small batteries that are splendid for the small types of robots we're used to building! A variety of 3.6V and 4.8V packs ranging from 50mA to 300mA capacity means we have something ideal for almost any battery-powered BEAM bot. Check them out in the "New Items" link under "Products", […]

March 5, 2002
LANL 2002 Workshop Announced!

We're happy to finally officially announce the opening of registration to the 2002 Los Alamos National Laboratories BEAM Workshop!Coming into it's 10th year (10 years? already? Wow...), Solarbotics has been a participant right from the beginning. If you're in the New Mexico area, or are dedicated enough to come out on your own, come to […]

April 20, 2012
Seeeeeed Stuff

HELLO EVERYONE, AND WELCOME TO THIS WEEK'S EDITION OF STUFF THAT'S NEW. But before we get started, how about some light-hearted entertainment, yes? Chances are you've heard of the Toronto International Film Festival. It has something to do with those fancy moving pictures that seem to be all the rage these days.  You might recognize […]

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