PICAXE Experimenter’s Kit on sale!

PICAXE Experimenter's KitWell, we’re disappointed. Not a single one of you fell for our Pimp Your Sumo April Fool’s joke.  Which is too bad, really, because we were actually ready to send them out to anyone that wanted one. Oh well, too late now!

But don’t fret if you missed out – we have a special treat for you! The PCAXE Experimenter’s Kit (both serial and USB versions) are on sale. Hurray! If you get it now you’ll receive 5% off the standard retail price. But you better nab ’em quick – they’re about to be discontinued. Once they’re gone, they won’t be coming back! And trust us, this one ain’t no joke.

So that’s all from the gang at Solarbotics for the week – we hope everyone’s enjoying the start of April! (Even if it’s still below freezing at night, the sky is grey, and there’s snow in the forecast. Isn’t spring great?)