Organizing the Advanced Section

Every once in a while we like to re-arrange the furniture. Sure, it’s nice to have things look new and different, but most of the time we’re just trying to make things just work better. This week we’ve done a little bit of restructuring of our Advanced category – we hope it’ll make it easier to go through all the neat stuff that’s there. And, at the same time, it’ll make room to expand our range of BS2 and Arduino items in the near future. What will be different exactly?

For starters, the Advanced section is broken down into sub-categories. There’s PICAXE (ICs, parts, and kits for the popular PICAXE lineup), Breadboarding (power supplies, breadboards, etc for prototyping), Microcontrollers (BS2 and Arduino items as well as motor drivers), and Brainboards & Addons (for the Sumovore and ScoutWalker III).

We’ll also be tidying up the Robotic Kits category. You’ll find that all the brainboards and addons for the Sumovore/Scoutwalker will be taken out and dropped into their own Brainboards & Addons category. The L293D, motor driver, L298 motor driver and Stamp Stack II will likewise be moved out of Robotic Kits and into Microcontrollers.

Does this all sound woefully confusing? Don’t fret – we’ll put the mentioned items from Robotic Kits in both categories for a while, so that you can have the chance to poke around new territory but still be able to find them in familiar spots. If all else fails, the search function will know where to look and all items will have the same URL. If you’re still having problem pinpointing that one part that’s playing hard-to-get, feel free to give us a shout and we’ll help you out.

So that pretty much sums it up. Oh my, all the trouble we go through just to move the sofa to the other side of the room. Now if only we could get rid of that ugly green chair…