News: ActiveTech Electronics Calgary is Moving

After over 25 years in the same location, it’s time to move on. Since having acquired ActiveTech last June, Solarbotics come to the conclusion we’ll be much better to merging operations under one roof. We’ll drop some product lines, but add a bunch of new ones at that time. Expect a store packed to the rafters with electronic parts and solutions!

Until then, we’ve expanded on our ActiveTech flyer sale and added select items at least 25% off. Kits, cables, equipment – there’s a solid variety at “I don’t want to transport this” sale prices.

We will reopen ActiveTech retail operations May 1st at the temporary showroom in the Solarbotics warehouse, which is only 5 minutes away:

Thank you for your ongoing support of local small business.

Dave Hrynkiw,
Chief Geek,
Solarbotics Ltd. / Active tech Calgary