New: The Ardweeny BackPack!

Ardweeny BackpackWe’ve been playing with the Pick and Place machine, and thought about new projects. This one, besides just being plain handy, offered us a simple project to start adding surface-mount parts to!

The Ardweeny is proving to be a popular way to make a breadboard-friendly Arduino-clone, but after the prototyping is done, you still have to figure out how to get your Ardweeny into the real world.

Here’s the new Ardweeny BackPack, in both plain and SMD LED version. Plug your Ardweeny into this carrier,  featuring:

  • Socket mount for easy Ardweeny moving/swapping
  • Combination 4-pin header for Servo / Blink-M / I2C interfacing
  • Low-dropout 5V regulator
  • Temperature sensor (TMP36) mounting pad
  • 2-position power jack (end or side-mount)
  • #2 screw mounting holes
  • SMT LED versions features 8 bottomside LEDs connected to digital pins 0-7 for easy POV (persistance of vision) or bargraph indication

Ardweeny BackPack as Temperature gaugeOne of our first tests was using an Ardweeny for a dual-scale thermometer, ranging -50 to +50ºC on an analog (servo) scale, and 18 to 32ºC on the bargraph, on a laser cut base. It’s a work-in-progress, but the cutting files & Arduino source code are available on the resource page.

Oh, here’s a picture of the POV in action!
Ardweeny BackPack POV