New stuff!

Well folks, the BEAM Anniversary sale has officially come and gone. So many of you jumped on those awesome deals that we extended them an extra four days before taking them down. Anyways, we have tons of great stuff to get through, so let’s plow through starting with the new stock we’ve brought in over the past two weeks:Simple USB Host Shield for Arduino

And then we’ve gone ahead and broken down parts of the popular ARDX kit, so that you can get some of the items separately:

Solarbotics on FacebookIn other news, we’re stretching our tentacles out further into the world of the interwebs.  The past few weeks we’ve set up both a Flickr and Facebook account. We’re particularly interested about the former – Dave started off by adding some old BEAM pics we dusted off from the neglected corners of the server, Solarbotics on Flickrand we’re hoping to expand on that plus other content in the next little while. Stay tuned!

Lastly we want to welcome Roboteknia aboard as our newest distributor. Make sure to check them out if you’re looking at getting some neat robotics tech in Mexico!