New Product!

We’ve been shopping again, but the accountant won’t let us hoard all the goodies for ourselves. SOOO, we’re announcing the following goodies!

  • RBFB: The Book "Robot Building for Beginners" by David Cook, which is an excellent reference for a newcomer to robotics. It’s an ideal companion for our own book "Junkbots, Bugbots, and Bots on Wheels".
  • SWT8: A new tiny micro SPST switch that is simply too tiny and cool not to take a look at!
  • SWT9:A new small lever action SPDT switch with solderable lever. We’re doing many experiments using these as robot tactile sensors.
  • CdS: There’s been renewed interest in photo-resistors (or photocells, or Cadmium-Sulphide cells), and we’ve finally found a source of good quality units. Unlike many surplus CdS sensors we’ve tested in the past, these are in reasonably good tolerance.
  • 0.01µF Capacitors: It’s easier to do high-frequency Bicore experiments with a small capacitor!

Well, back to work – must find more things to hide from the accountant!