New Product: Video Adapter, Relay Board & Charger

Adafruit USB LiIon/LiPoly charger – v1.2
CAD 16.50 / USD 12.50
Add a high-capacity rechargeable power supply to your project easily!
HDMI Male to VGA With Audio HD Video Adapter
CAD 21.50 / USD 15.99
Ever wanted to add HDMI to an older VGA monitor? This does it with audio breakout!
Lithium Ion Battery – 400mAh
CAD 10.73/ USD 7.95
3.7V 400mAh LiPo battery with an excellent 2C discharge rate for small projects.
8 Channel Relay Board, Optically Isolated, High/Low inputs
CAD 22.00/ USD 16.50
8 relays, optically isolated, perfect for Arduino projects!
XT60 Plug Set
High current, great design. What more could you ask for?