New Product Friday: Cables, Adapters, Jumpers and More

Well, I’m officially out of words, and again reverting to non-verbal expression.  I already tried to interpretively dance the new product post before. That leaves me completely out of options here. So how about I sleep interpretively? Or breathe… Now, that’s just plain weird. Better I sleepwalk then:

4-conductor, 20AWG ribbon cable (Blue, Green, Yellow, Red)
This ain’t yo Mama’s ribbon cable. This is Ahnold Schwarzencable – bigger, stronger, and able to rule an American state.
Compact Selectable Switching Power Supply 3-12VDC
What a handy power adapter – 100~240VAC input, and it outputs up to 10 watts, with a selectable voltage from 3 to 12VDC. Complete with a variety of interface plugs!
Standalone 5-Pad Capacitive Touch Sensor Breakout
Traditional switches are large and …switchy. Make your own slick switch buttons by plugging in conductive leads to this board to make a 5-button controller that suits YOUR needs.
4-Way 2.1mm DC Barrel Jack Splitter
Power bar too full of multiple adapters? Wouldn’t it be nice to have several devices share the same 2.1mm power plug? Split your adapter’s power output among several projects!
Premium Jumper Wires Male/Female – 15cm (10-pack)
They’re like little 15cm (6″) high-quality extension cables for your breadboard. Actually, they ARE little 15cm high-quality extension cables for your breadboard!
Premium Jumper Wires Male/Female – 30cm (10-pack)
They’re like little 30cm (12″) high-quality extension cables for your breadboard. Actually, they ARE little 30cm high-quality extension cables for your breadboard!
FX-8804 Hot Tweezer
Working with SMD parts or desoldering keyboards? The FX-8804 hot tweezers make the job simple when mounted to your Hakko FX-888 soldering station.
SB4 97x64mm, Snappable Solder Breadboard
It’s a handy little solderable breadboard, scored for easy snapping into quadrants for subcircuits.
16-Channel 12-bit PWM/Servo Shield – I2C interface
It’s an independent 16-channel, 12-bit PWM chip breakout that’s ideal for driving LEDs or servos over an I2C network. Pretty handy for “Set-it & forget-it” installations.
40 pin Male-to-Female Jumper Ribbon Cable (20cm)
No rats nests using this 20cm ribbon-cable Male/Female jumper! 40 lines that stay tidy until you pull them apart!

Next time I could maybe interpretively cook or laser stuff… Well that’s plain boring. Add some pineapple! That’s better now. Pineapple makes everything better!