New Product: OPEN BEAM! (..and some other stuff too)

We have a pretty darn big announcement for you today: we’re now distributing Open Beam! It’s a new handy-dandy construction system that got its start from Kickstarter, and is gaining a lot of immediate support. Right now, we’re stocking all the items except for the kits, which we’ll probably bring onboard in the near future. We’ve put all our stock into a convenient Open Beam Category, but you can also see all  of the new stock here:

OpenBeam Extrusion – 1000mm Length
$10.00 (Silver), $12.00 (Black)
This is the ‘beam’ part of ‘Open Beam’. This is the central building component for the system, and is available in both black and silver.
OpenBeam T Joining Plate – 2 Pack

T-shaped joining plates for all your OpenBeam creations!
OpenBeam L Joining Plate – 2 Pack
L-shaped joining plates for all your OpenBeam creations! This one handily supports 45 & 90 angles.
OpenBeam Servo Bracket
OpenBeam’s servo bracket allows you to use just about any standard size servo with your OpenBeam or MicroRAX projects.
OpenBeam NEMA17 Stepper Motor Bracket
NEMA17 Stepper Motor Mounts for the OpenBeam construction system.
OpenBeam 608 Bearing to NEMA17 Adapter
OpenBeam’s adapter to use a 608 skate bearing with NEMA17 mounts.
OpenBeam Shaft Clamp Kit
The OpenBeam Shaft Clamp Kit allows you to clamp shafts anywhere on your OpenBeam project.
OpenBeam Feet – 2 Pack
Feet to fit OpenBeam extrusions, keep your desk scratch free!
OpenBeam M3 Nuts – 100 Pack
100 pack of M3 nuts for use with OpenBeam.
OpenBeam Button Head Socket Cap Screw – 100 Pack
100 pack of button head socket cap screws for use with OpenBeam.
OpenBeam 2mm Flat bottom Hex Driver
2mm flat bottom hex driver for use with OpenBeam.
OpenBeam 2mm Ball-End Hex Driver
2mm ball tip hex driver for use with OpenBeam.
OpenBeam 5.5mm Hex Nut Driver
5.5mm hex nut driver for use with the OpenBeam system.
OpenBeam 2mm Hex Key
2mm Hex key for use with the OpenBeam system.

But wait, THAT’S NOT ALL! We also have a few other items that we brought in this week, and we’d like to show ’em off so they don’t get left behind in the cold.

PICAXE-28X2 Shield Base (Assembled)
The PICAXE-28X2 shield base has been designed to be compatible with almost all ‘shield modules’ as used with the Arduino system. This a very affordable project board for PICAXE development!
Synapse RF266PC1 – XBee Footprint, with Chip Antenna
Want to try Synapse, but only have XBee hardware? HAH – Synapse thought of that with their new RF266PC1. Synapse power in an XBee footprint!
Synapse RF200PF1 with F-type Antenna
XBee is good; Synapse is just better. More I/O, embedded python, and generally better range at comparable cost! This particular module is 2.4GHz with OTA (Over-The-Air) speeds up to 2Mbps, maximum 2.5miles (~4km) range and a F-type PCB for compact installation.

Well folks, that’s all we gots. Go forth, drool over the fancy new Open Beam goodness, and above all else, enjoy the last wonderful weekend of August.