New Product: LEDs & Wire

Individually mounted WS2812B LED – Black or White

Super-tightly PCB-mounted WS2812B addressable LEDs, available in white or black trim.
SuperFlex Wire 6M on Bobbin

This 6M bobbin of 26AWG Superflex wire is a soft and supple, ideal for wearable technology.
Superflex 4.5m 90 LED Strand, 5cm Spacing

90 tiny LEDs of various types, on a 4.5M (14.75′) length of particularly supple Superflex wire strand. Excellent for adding a string of bling to your project.
Superflex 3m 90 LED Strand with 3xAA Battery Box
Here’s a simple battery-powered, portable and flexible LED string solution. 3 meter, ~3cm spacing, powered by 3AA cells. Ideal for quick “BLING” effect!
Slow flash RGB 3mm LEDS

RGB 3mm LED with built-in controller to cycle colors in a slow, relaxed manner.
Red LED Laser Diode Module
Compact, inexpensive, and LASER. Enough said.
Grove – Circular LED Array

Grove-compatible circular 24 LED array, ideally used with a rotary encoder input.