New Product Friday: Introducing the MultiPack for Ardweeny, Closed July 2nd

Once a year, people from a nation usually take a day to celebrate their beloved country. While our crafty neighbors to the south get to call their day the impressive-sounding “INDEPENDENCE DAY”, ours is called plain’ ol’ “Canada Day”. Exotic it ain’t, and whoever came up with that was lacking in the creativity department (Fun fact: in 1972 the country held a national vote to rename it to “Canad-Eh?”. Less-fun fact: The previous fact was not, in fact, a fact). Nevertheless, us Canucks will be celebrating our beloved land of majestic mountains, rolling plains, tall forests, glimmering lakes and many many potholes everywhere this coming Monday. Therefore, Solarbotics will be closed on Monday, July 2nd. We’ll be out doing whatever it is Canadians do on a day off, but you can still place orders and leave messages. Business will resume as usual on Tuesday. A note to our pals in the US: As we’ll be closed on Monday and couriers won’t be working on the 4th, you should expect delays on any orders that are placed.

Now that that’s out of the way, we only have one product for you today, but we promise it’s worth it: Ladies and gentlegeeks, we present… THE MULTIPACK!

Now, if you will, take a look at that photo to the left. Bathe in the sheer magnificence of it. This is what the MultiPack does – it seats one Ardweeny, and can support up to twelve servos and six analog sensors simultaneously. Seriously.

This opens up an incredible range of possibilities – by combining the slim form factor of the Ardweeny and opening it up to control a large array of accessories, you can now get a whole ton of functionality from a tiny package. We hope you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the capability this unlocks, and we’d love to know what you think and how you put it to use. Really – just shoot us an email.

So that’s it – go forth and MultiPack all the things. In the mean time, if you’re Canadian like us, enjoy the holiday!