New Product Friday: GSM Shield, Conductive Thread and Adapter

Well today we are presenting things! Here’s how they work. GSM shield comes supplied with a sticker that you can draw a little arrow on it, and then you mount the shield on a stick, and it will show the direction of where you have to go. To set the direction whisper your exact latitude and longitude into the inputs somewhere. And yeah.  Since this is a shield, you will need an Arduino, don’t forget that. Without it you will have to yell your coordinates really loud. Arduino helps it to hear. Oh. I confused the whole thing with GPS, whoops. Anyways, I’m pretty sure it will do whatever you tell it to do. It has a special slave matrix built in.

Arduino GSM Shield (integrated antenna)
Get your Arduino project talking across a cell network with the GSM shield.
360 Yard Spool of Conductive Thread
It ain’t wire – it’s stainless steel THREAD, ideal for low power and signals routing.
DC Barrel Jack Adapter – Breadboard Compatible
Power that breadboard simply with this DC barrel jack.

Then we have conductive thread, you can conduct a choir by tying a few conductor batons to your wrists. So now whatever motion you will do with your hands will produce a musical phrase. And the choir will follow you. Even to the washroom. And last but not least we have barrel jack adapter. It’s a little chunk of plastic you stick up your nose, to adapt it to barrels. And jacks.