New Product: Bare Conductive & Parallax


Touch Board
CAD / 99.95 USD
128.83Design with paintable sensors. Turn touch into sound and make any surface interactive.
Electric Paint 50ml Jar
39.50 CAD / 30.45 USD
Create circuits on paper with this versatile conductive electric paint!
Touch Board Starter Kit
CAD / 145.50 USD 
Draw, paint, and create. Three projects to get you started with the Touch Board and the Bare Conductive electric ink.
Pi Cap
51.53 CAD / 39.95 USD
Connect your Raspberry Pi to the physical world and get interactive with the Bare Conductive Pi Cap.
Parallax Feedback 360° High Speed Servo
25.99 CAD / 19.99 USD
The Parallax feedback 360° high speed servo is a combination of a standard servo, continuous rotation servo, high-speed servo, and encoder in a standard servo package!