New Kit!The Hex Pummer

View our newest kit we have online, the Hex Pummer, a very amusing night display that is charged by the sun. When the lights go out, it triggers the high intensity LEDs to start flashing on and off. They start out very STRONG and then fade away until the next LED "PUMMS" on. These amusing kits will delight anyone who sees them, and they are simple enough for any beginner. If you are interested in a kit to start off your electronics hobby or are an old pro who would like to add a crowd pleaser to your collection; order the HexPummer today!

For A Limited Time! Order a prebuilt HexPummer for only $10 more! We have only a few sitting here so order them before they run out. It’ll make a great Stocking Stuffer!

More News! For those in Texas there is a new distributer in your area. Tanner Electronics is our newest Solarbotics retailer carrying kits. Visit the distributors page to find out more.

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