More PICAXE Goodness

Boy oh boy, it’s been a busy week for PICAXE stuff. We actually got a big ol’ shipment in late last week, which included the new 40X2 chips.  And by now we’ve receiveded everything, including even more X2 chips. But this time they’re of the 28-pin variety. (Don’t worry,  the 28X1‘s haven’t gone the way of the dodo bird… yet…)

Just like the 40X2’s we mentioned last week, the 28X2 comes in both regular and a low-voltage versions. Here are the improvements in the 28X2 revision over the 28X1:PICAXE-28X2 IC

  • Up to 4 internal program slots and 32 external program slots
  • Increased RAM, up to 256 bytes + 1024 bytes scratchpad
  • Increased operating speed, up to 40MHz
  • Individual pin input/outut control
  • 0-8 ADC pins available

Aside from that, we also received stock on the PICAXE-20M IC and the PICAXE-18X IC. They’re now back online and can be purchased at your desire. We got lots of ’em too, so get as many as you want.

We have just one more tidbit to include before the end of this week’s newspost. Over at the HydraRaptor blog, the auther, nophead, wrote a great little article detailing how to convert/hack one of our GM17’s into a stepper motor. He uses some of the neat-o Didel accessories we added a few weeks back, specifically the replacement gears. You can read the article right here.