Misc Tidbits, Closed for Good Friday

Well, that magical time of year where rabbits poop magical chocolate eggs is almost upon us. And, as usual, Solarbotics will be closed for Good Friday, on April the 2nd. This’d be where we talk about how you can still send emails and submit orders, and that we’ll answer any correspondence/messages and resume processing/shipping orders the next business day (Monday the 5th).

ARDYA few quick tidbits before we sign off for the weekend:

  • The ARDY promotion ends  this Wednesday (the 31st). If you want to score a free Ardweeny with your ARDX kit, the time to do it is now.
  • We’ve just done an adjustment to our currency exchange rates, so now a lot of our inventory costs 5% less for our Canadian customers. The ARDY, for example, went down from $93.45 to $89.20 CAD. You save a few loonies and get a free Ardweeny. What’s not to love?
  • Dave has been going nuts uploading all sorts stuff (mainly vintage BEAM pics) to our Flickr feed, so be sure to check it out. There’s even a pic in there of our new, upcoming kit.
  • Lastly, we’ve signed a lease and will be moving into a new office space in the next month. You may not be as excited about this, but to us it’s a pretty big deal. The move will most likely disturb operations for a few days, but we’ll try to minimize its effects as much as possible. We’ll post any relevant information as the time draws near.

That pretty much wraps things up… Have a great weekend, everyone!