Merging Solarbotics & HVW Inventories

So… We’ve finally decided to go all-out and bring over all the inventory from HVW Tech and integrate it into Solarbotics. This is a pretty big undertaking, and as such you’re going to need to tip toe around the construction tape and sawdust while we re-arrange everything. How will this effect you?

First off, we’re doing a MASSIVE restructuring of all out categories. Just like with your car keys, things are not going to be where you thought you left them. The fool-proof way to find items while everything is up in the air is to use the search field. And here’s a neat trick – if you know the SKU of the item you want to find you can alter the URL. Take a standard item address, and just enter the SKU in the last set of slashes. It’s that easy.

Another hiccup you may run into is that clicking on or navigating to a select few categories  will give you an error. This is a bug we’re aware of and in the middle of troubleshooting. We’ll try to fix it as soon as we can, but we don’t have a work around at the moment.

One last issue you might stumble upon is broken links in item descriptions. These actually point to products we haven’t brought over yet, so they’ll start working as more products come online.

We’re aiming to have this all wrapped up by the time the summer comes to a close, but it’s quite an undertaking. In the past two weeks we’ve brought over some 200 items (don’t believe me? Check out our brand-new Electronics Components section) , but there is still tons to go. Once we’re all done, though, you’ll have more selection on a better-functioning site, and won’t have the need to cross-shop at HVW Tech. Thanks for your patience – we want to get this wrapped up as much as you do. And in the mean time…