Make:KW, New Catalogue

Make:KW MeetupWell folks, it’s that magical time where we give you some special insight into what’s new n’ happenin’ in the world of Solarbotics. We’ll start off by sending our congrats to everyone who participated in the recent Make:KW Arduino 201 meetup. We were proud to sponsor the event by donating some L298 Compact Motor Driver kits, which were promptly put to good use. If you hail from the Waterloo, Ontario area go check out to see if you can get in on future events.

In other news, we just got in a big ol’ batch of new Solarbotics catalogues!  While it only features some of the massive amounts of content here on the website, it might be perfect for those of you who enjoy sitting back and flipping through the pages. If you’d like to check it out yourself, the easiest way would be to download the 1.8MB PDF version. (Edit: You may also want to take a look at the USD or CAD price lists) “But we want real, physical pages!!”, you bellow in my general direction. Well, we have you covered there too. Simply fill out and submit this catalogue request form, and we’ll send one in your direction at no charge.

On a closing note, we’ve just received an absolute TON of new goodies from both Sparkfun and Arduino. While some of it will be making it’s way over here shortly, go check out the latest news post at HVW Technologies to see everything we’ve brought in. Mr Dave has been working around the clock to get all that content done up and online, so show your appreciation by sending us him all sorts of cookies. He likes cookies.