Make was a blast… but now onto the Holidays!

Wow, has it been that long already? The MAKEr Faire in Austin was beautiful, and interesting. Funny how we saw many Texans driving along with their windows up, while us two Canadians were wearing shorts with the top down on our rental. Interesting how people adjust to different climates!

The MAKEr Faire wasn’t quite as packed as the ones in San Mateo, but it was just as interesting. We stuck around the Maker store, showing off Herbies to a great many people, and got to see many interesting exhibits. Hm. Almost time for a Flikr stream or similar of our own.

The holidays are fast approaching, and we’ve been swamped with “what should I get for my son/dad/mother/daughter” questions. HENCE, the “Geekware” category on the right side of the “products” page! Check it out for some ideas.

Also – if you want to receive those gifts by Christmas you need to order by the following dates:

Canada & United States (Major Metropolitan Areas):

  • Expedited Courier – Friday, December 14th.
  • Priority Courier – Thursday, December 20th. (For those of you with the Luck o’ de Irish, you might get away with Friday, December 21st!)

Please Note: This is to metropolitan areas, if you live outside of a major metropolitan area you may still receive your package, but we can’t promise it.  And if you live inside of a metropolitan area you still may not be guaranteed to receive it either as the Grinch sometimes works to slow down our couriers.  We try our best, but again no promises.

More soon, I promise!