LMR Start Here Kit, Beetlebot Preorders

Good news! Despite a few small setbacks and stumbling blocks, we’ve survived both the office move and Maker Faire! (I was going to say that at least nothing burned down, but that isn’t exactly the case…). But now that things are settling back to normal, we’ll be doing our best to bring you more awesome stuff. Like what, you ask?

LMR Start Here KitIf none of you have ever checked out Let’sMakeRobots.com, you’re missing out. This is a fabulous community of robot builders – there are always plenty of neat ideas being worked on, totally worth investigating. Like, for example, the Start Here project. This is great for anyone seeking to make one of their first robots with a degree of complexity. Frits has done a fantastic job of laying out the steps, complete with photos and descriptions.  We’re proud to announce a partnership with LMR where you can purchase all the parts to build this kit right here, and we’ll donate 10% of the proceeds directly to LMR for maintaining their site and building the community.

BeetlebotIn other news, we are, finally, so very close to releasing the long awaited BeetleBot.  It made its debut at the Maker Faire, and now we’re just putting our finalizing touches on it for a full release. We’re so close, in fact, that we’re accepting pre-orders. Follow the above link (or click on the image) to go to the product page. Don’t forget to choose your theme – there are four colours for each of the good and evil versions, so choose wisely! If all goes well, we hope to be shipping these orders out during the coming week.