“Little Drum Machine”

First of all, let me apologized for the delay in getting any posts up lately.

For those who may not know, Solarbotics Ltd. purchased HVW Technologies just over a year ago. This past year has gone by very quickly, and I’ve had to put down the soldering iron, and sit in front of a keyboard just to wrap my brains around microcontroller-based designs. When one is used to hard-wiring robot brains, using software across four platforms is quite a leap (AVR/PIC/Basic Stamp/PICAxe)!

So wish us a happy 1st anniversary of taking over HVW Technologies – it’s been a fun, busy year getting up-to-snuff on all these new cool toys!

Back to the reason for the post. Dan Gates, our intrepid techgeek, forwarded me this amusing link of a robot built from our GMTPkg tread bundle, and a couple of GM10 gear motors. It’s not your generic “wander-around” robot. Trust me – watch the video just for a few seconds before you decide to wander off to some other part of the google-video universe…