Labour Daybour, New PICAXE Items

Happy First Week of September everyone! The kids are all back in school and there’s that certain holiday right around the corner. Apparently Labour Day celebrates “the economic and social achievements of workers.” And what a better way to celebrate than to not work! That’s right – on Monday, September the 7th Solarbotics and HVW Tech will be closed. Feel free to browse the site, place orders, send emails and leave messages to your heart’s content. Just keep in mind that we won’t be filling/shipping orders, responding to emails or getting back to those who leave messages until Tuesday the 8th. We hope you all have a fantastic long weekend!

PICAXE-28X2 ModuleWhat, you’re still here? Ok fine, just because we love you so much we wouldn’t dare leave you for a long weekend without giving you something new. We have four items to show off from PICAXE, three of which are kits:

And that’s it! Have a good weekend!

Seriously, this is it. Check out the products or click some links or go do something fun.