Holiday Hours, Christmas (Tree) Links

Well, it’s that time of the year where the snow falls and us Canadians need to hibernate. As a result, Solarbotics will be closed December 24th, 25th, 26th and January 1st. Apparently our sleep schedule is kinda wonky. As usual, feel free to submit orders and emails, and we’ll get caught up on a first-come first-serve basis once we’re done our annual snooze and operations are back to normal.

Solarbotics Christmas Tree
We wrapped the office tree in a string of RGB LEDs, stuffed it full of mini lanterns and Star Wars snowflakes, and   then put a Star Controller on top. Not bad, eh?
Christmas Tree O’Digital Logic
This simple little electro-tree was made with 64 LEDs arranged into a 3d sculpture while not using any microcontrollers.
Sound Reactive Christmas Tree
A cherry tree in downtown Victoria, BC has been rigged with the usual lights… But they can detect and react to sounds made around them, changing colour and intensity depending on how high or low voices are singing.
Geeky Christmas Ornaments
Ah, the time-honoured tradition of decorating your Christmas tree using nothing but old and discarded computer guts. Instructables user Hack42Moem made a fine tutorial to explain the art.
Ceramic Dish Christmas Tree in Belgium
Residents of Hasselt, Belgium donated more than 5000 pieces of unused ceramic dishware, that were all assembled to make a very giant and very stunning Christmas tree.

And that’s about it from us for now. We have our snacks, warm blankets, and are all settled in for our Canadian hibernation. Because we’ll probably be cozy and unconscious, we’d like to wish all of you the most excellent holiday break possible. We’ll see you in the New Year!