HexPummer Lanterns!

Our K HP HexPummer has always been a good, steady kit, but once we got our laser-cutter, we started experimenting… and was it ever neat to tuck one of these into a faux Japanese-style lantern! After upgrading two of the four LEDs with super-crazy-mega-bright LEDs, this solar-powered night-activated light show is quite a cool decoration, suitable for a window-sill or hanging from a tree branch.

HexPummer Lantern

The K HP-L HexPummer Lantern kit comes with:

  • HexPummer kit featuring
    • SCC3733a-MSE 37x33mm 6.7V solar cell
    • 1000mAh NiMH batteries
    • 2 standard & 2 upgraded LEDs (upgrading all 4 draws too much power to last all night)
    • Extended solar cell wire for top or side-mounting
  • Laser-cut Mattboard lantern kit
  • Light-diffusing interior sleeve

But what about all the fine folks who already have the Hex Pummer, and want to add some of this awesome lantern goodness? Well, we have you covered – You’ll find just the lantern construction materials (along with two super-crazy-mega-bright LEDs) available in the K HP-LA HexPummer Lantern Addon kit.

The best part is that you get to personalize it by choosing the lantern colour and the artwork set. We sampled some of these new colors and (custom MAKE) themes at the 2008 Austin Maker Faire.

Take a look at the art-sets and colours on the product page, and if you are so inclined, we may even be able to do personalized artwork for a really custom Lantern (contact us if you’re interested!).