Weekend tidbits

Greetings my fellow humans! And salutations to my not-so-fellow alien amigo! There are a few small tidbits of news this weekend:

First, we received our shipment of new Herbie PCBs! Hurray! This means that you can now get Herbie the Mousebot in all four colours – red, black, blue or white.  They’re all in stock, so get as many mice of many colours as your heart desires. Or as many as your cat will let you get away with.

Next up, we now have white-ish, grey-ish servo wheels. You’ve probably seen them in the item’s image for the past while, but now they can be ordered at any time. And just think – this means we almost have the same colours for mice as we do servo wheels. But who ever heard of a yellow mouse? Red or blue rodents are one thing, but yellow? That’s just crazy.

Our last and not-so-exciting news piece for this evening is that the latter half of our category organizing is taking effect. You’ll now find that our motor drivers and Sumovore/ScoutWalker brainboards and addons are in the Microcontrollers and Brainboards and Addons categories respectively. If you have any questions or can’t quite find what you’re looking for, feel free to give us a shout.

Have a great weekend everyone!