GM17 Accessories and Gears/Pinions/Spurs

If you’ll recall correctly, in last week’s news post I said something along the lines of “Keep an eye out for new PICAXE bundles in the coming week.” But I was quickly bound and gagged by a pack of vicious lawn gnomes (packing lawn gnome-sized guns, no less), preventing me from fulfilling the promise.  So I had to do the next best thing:

GM17 EncoderThe guys over at Didel are pretty cool. Among a big collection of nifty parts and bits, they have two things which were of particular interest that we just had to show all of you. First are few accessories for our GM17 that’ll really help you get more out of your unit:

And second, a fist-full of small spurs and pinions that are just perfect for certain pager motors:

*whew!* That’s a lot of neat-o stuff. You’ll find them all in the Motor Accessories category.

In the mean time, keep an eye out and look for those USB PICAXE bundles to be available early to mid next week. Of course, that’s assuming the evil lawn gnomes don’t make another move. But don’t fear – we’ve contracted some mercenary lawn flamingos to keep them at bay. Now there’s a group of garden decorations you don’t want to mess with.