Gear Motor and Solar Cell Availability

Monday! Monday! Monday!

Our shipment of Gear Motors and Solar Cells are both expected to arrive on Monday November, 24th. In anticipation of this joyous event, we have thrown the following back online:

  • SCC2433B-MSE Gear Motor
  • SCC3733 Gear Motor
  • GM3 Gear Motor
  • GM8 Gear Motor
  • K TB Turbot Tumbling Robot Kit
  • SCC2433B-MSE-1 Custom Parts Bundles (SCC2433b-MSE Fast Bundle 1)
  • SCC2433B-MSE-2 Custom Parts Bundles (SCC2433b-MSE Power Bundle 2)
  • JBBMS Custom Parts Bundle (JBB Mini-Sumo Bundle)
  • JBBHB Custom Parts Bundle (JBB Headbot Bundle)

We will be clearing out all back orders and new orders for these items on both Monday (November 24th) and Tuesday (November 25th).