Friday New Shiny Product: SMD LED String Lights

We have a tricky product today. It pretends to be one, but it is actually ten. Is it like some sort of a mighty god with 10 avatars? Or a weird non-conventional 10-coloured rainbow? Close, it’s the 10m lengths of LED strings that come in different colour variations, including an RGB one, which makes things even more multicolorured.

100 SMD LED String Lights (10M length)
10 meter length of 100 tiny SMD LEDs spaced 10cm apart (~4″). Various colors, even RGB blinking!

And that will conclude our today’s wonderfully short product post. The work week is not over for us quite yet, we will see some of you over the weekend at the at the MakerFaire YYC  grounds at Alberta College of Art+Design!