Friday New Product Post – New Arduino, Motor Controller, FireFly Code

Stupid calendar! I almost wanted to congratulate everyone on surviving Friday the 13th… But the dumb calendar did not cooperate. So I have no choice but to complain. Maybe even submit a report to the calendar. Those stubborn days and their numbers, they will answer for such a misbehavior.

Arduino Due
The long awaited ARM board by Arduino is finally here, now you can access higher level functionality while still using the wildly popular Arduino IDE.
Motor Mind BE 3A Serial Motor Controller
Here is a motor controller that only needs 2 lines for control, it communicates serially via 2400 or 9600 Baud TTL signals. It’s a smart controller that has a number of parameters that can be adjusted and can return valuable data such as speed & position.
Arduino Due Faceplate
The Solarbotics Arduino Freeduino Enclosure (SAFE) is a laser-cut acrylic case for your projects – now we created a line of faceplates to custom-fit a variety of development boards + shields.

In other news, we updated the SB-Firefly code. It now saves your mode setting, so when you remove power from the Firefly, you will start in the same mode once power is re-applied. We also have a new Sixth mode called Rainbow which is designed to smoothly color cycle an RGB LED, such as what we have included with the Northern Lights Bundle… hint… hint. The code is available for download – look for SB-FireFly Code V2 in the SB-FireFly’s Documentation tab.

In regards to those pesky calendar issues… I might forgive the number 8, for personal reasons. Others numbers from 1 to 31 are going under house arrest. Until someone bribes me. With cake.