Friday New Product: Linear Rails, Power Supply, Third Hand

Halloween is over – lets eat up our pumpkin leftovers, get ready for gift giving season and stock up on some vitamin D for the winter season! For new product today we got Third Hand. That’s important. It’s a kit that comes with surgical thread and a little anesthetic fluid as well as a handy mirror similar to the dentist’s  so that you can sew your new arm wherever you find it handy. Also we got linear rails – only linear, unfortunately. Circular rails would be even better but we don’t carry these ones yet.

Steel Linear Rail, 40cm (15.75″) length
For moving things in a straight, STRAIGHT line, you need linear rails!
Power Supply Adapter – 12VDC 1A (1,000mA)
Switching power adapters are solid, efficient, and powerful. Here’s 12V at 1A VDC on a barrel jack for your projects.
Third Hand Kit
If you don’t have a hand growing out of the middle of your chest, you’ll need one of these handy tools.
Switching Power Adapter Brick 5VDC, 5A
Sometimes 5VDC is good. Sometimes backing it up with 5A is better! This brick power supply is ideal for powering addressable strip LEDs.
Switching Power Supply Brick 5VDC, 8A
Have a really heavy 5VDC power requirement? Will an 8A power brick with a regular barrel jack connector do the job?

Another important new product we present today is a power brick. It’s not your regular brick. It’s a power brick. Need more powerful microwaves in your microwave? Smack it with a power brick! Need taller tables? Prop it up with a power brick! You can even use it as a footstool for your cat, just make sure to disconnect the cables so it doesn’t trip.