Friday New Product: LED Strings, Snowflakes and More LEDs

Festive occasions are right around the corner so we thought we’d treat you to some shiny stuff. In these times of heightened economic activity (I mean mostly gift giving) some super bright 2.8Watt LEDs and tiny SMD LEDs on a wire that come in a variety of brilliant colours might come in handy for the geeks amongst us, as well as people who just like shiny things.

2.8 Watt High Power White LED
Sometimes, you just need white light. Nothing fancy, just a nice, pure, 2.8 watts of LED light. Here’s your solution, in a star LED package.
Red / Yellow-green Common cathode LED
When you need two colours in one place, where do you look? Right here, and get a face full of red, then a yellow-green in a standard 5mm LED package.
90 LED, 3M LED String, 3.3cm spacing
from $6.95
Here’s a string of tiny SMD LEDs on very thin enamel wire. These are excellent for adding a string of bling to your project.
90 LED String on 3M (10′) strand with battery box
from $7.95
Here’s a simple battery-powered, portable LED string solution. 3 meter, 3.3cm spacing, powered by 3AA cells. Ideal for quick “BLING” effect!

On a side note of colourful and festive, we found these awesome free snowflake patterns inspired by Game of Thrones by interaction designer and storyteller Krystal Higgins and instead of painstakingly cutting them out by hand out of paper, applied some magic and fed the designs to the laser, along with a few pieces of colorful acrylic. I would have described the result as “awesome” if I haven’t used this word in this paragraph already. Click on the thumbnail to check out more of them on our Flickr.

Well, that will be all for today. Stay warm, decorate your trees with turkeys and eat some gifts for family dinner.