Friday New Product: IR Decoder, EZ-Robot Kit and RaspiRobot Kit

So here’s a late but tenacious Friday post with only 3 but mighty (brand new shiny) products. Not just some… random unrelated strange small bits… But much better! They are all kits. So they have more than one thing in them. Which is better than one thing… How about I stop mumbling the obvious and let you see for yourself:

Infrared Remote Decoder Module with Remote
We’ve now taken the popular IR decoding module from Sure Electronics and teamed it up with a matching remote all placed into one convenient package!
EZ-Robot Complete Kit
The EZ-Robot Complete Kit includes innovative Hardware and powerful Software to build the robot of your dreams!
RaspiRobot Board Kit
Quickly convert your Raspberry Pi into a fully featured robot with the RaspiRobot Board!

The end. Wishing you a relaxing Friday evening and a great weekend. With lots of cupcakes! [ *replace cupcakes with the desired object/activity].