Friday New Product: Grove, Kossel

Grove – Mega Shield

Grove – Mega Shield is a extension board for Arduino Mega and Google ADK.
Seeed Grove – Serial Camera Kit – 22.40 – 67.20
Grove – Serial Camera Kit includes one control board and two interchangeable lenses, one standard lens and one wide-angle lens.

GrovePi+ is a system with 15 Grove 4-pin interfaces that brings Grove sensors to the Raspberry Pi.
Kossel 400W PSU Kit
24VDC at 17A, ideal for powering up a 3D printer with hot-plate.
Seeed Grove – 3-Axis Digital Accelerometer

The H3LIS331DL is a low power high performance 3-axis linear accelerometer belonging to the “nano” family, with digital I2C serial interface standard output.