Monday New Product: GPS Logger, Cables and Speed Sensor

Adafruit Ultimate GPS Logger Shield – Includes GPS Module

Brand new and better than ever, we’ve replaced our Adafruit GPS shield kit with this assembled shield that comes with an Ultimate GPS module.
Redpark L2-RJ45V – Lightning to RJ45 Cable
Connects a Lightning iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to the console port on Cisco networking gear.
Redpark L4-DB9PV – Lightning Serial+Power Cable

Connects a Lightning iPad or iPhone to RS-232 serial devices and to a 5V power source.
Force Sensitive Resistor – Small
A small force sensitive resistor with a 0.16″ (4 mm) diameter active sensing area.
Motor Speed Sensor Module

This is a speed sensor, designed to check the rate of a motor.
Deans-style T-plug connectors for Lipo ETN-Y306/307 (Male & Female)

Male and Female Deans style connector rated to 30A.