Friday New Product: FETs

What we have today are not Fairly Expensive Tortillas or Fortunately Edible Theremins,  but Field-Effect Transistors. If you know what it is, I will leave you to explore:

1RFZ44N N-Channel FET
The IRFZ44N is a very powerful useful N-Channel FET, with only 0.0175ohms resistance pushing 20 amperes at 5V!
FQP27P06 P-Channel FET
A robust P-Channel FET that is capable of interfacing with most 5V-logic microcontrollers.
NDP6020P P-Channel FET, –2.5V gate, -20V, 24A max
An N-channel FET with an extremely low gate voltage which can be controlled by most 3.3V and 5V microcontrollers.

..and no, these are not even Forcibly Eccentric Tabbies.