Friday New Product (All Two of Them!) Post

Today we proudly present not ONE, but two products! Mind-blowing stuff… So impressive… Well, if someone didn’t beat me to the The Northern Lights Bundle yesterday, we would’ve had three…

Solid State Relay SSR-10DD 10A/5-60VDC 3-32VDC
Traditional relays actually have physical little contacts that when powered by a little signal, bang together to pass much larger currents. They have little resistance, are generally reliable, but they are noisy and they don’t last as long as solid-state components. That’s where the Solid State Relay (SSR) comes into play.
Electric Imp Development Card

It looks like and SD card…. it smells like an SD card…. but it certainly tastes much, MUCH better! Connect your project via wifi to the internet with the powerful, configurable, programmable Electric Imp.

And if the trend continues, next time we might even have four products! Scandalous… Numbers are so tricky. I think I’ll go count my fingers now (and maybe even toes if I’m really adventurous). But I’m afraid that will be too much, I might not be able to sleep tonight. Life can be overwhelming sometimes. Keep everything under control, especially your toes, and see you next week!