Diodes, Trimpots

10k Single-Turn Trimpot w/ KnobHappy October everyone! The leaves are falling and there’s that crisp scent of winter lurking in the air. Ah, it sure is beautiful! And you know what else is beautiful? Diodes and trimpots, of course. Check out these gorgeous new components:

These trimpots are actually pretty nice. These units have a nice big nob on ’em, so it’s super-easy to adjust them on the fly. Gone are the days of needing a finding a slot screwdriver or trimpot adjust tool!

Oh, a quick heads-up – we’ll be closed for Canadian Thanksgiving on Monday, October 12th.We know that’s still a week and a bit away, but we just wanted to give you some early warning. We’ll be sure to mention it in next week’s post so no one forgets.