DragonTail Robot Platform And A Dancing Sumo

Halloween is upon us, and it looks like everyone is testing out their costumes. For instance, the trees are dressing up (or down?) as Naked Trees, and all the leaves are dressing up as Multicoloured Dead Leaves. It’s all very exciting. But we’ve keeping our heads down and churning out some great stuff to show off.

DragonTail Robot Platform – Starting at $49.00

DragonTail Deluxe Kit

We’re on a roll with another new kit for you this week. Say hello to the DragonTail – a simple robot platform for all your robot platformin’ needs. We set you up with a nifty aluminum base, acrylic panels with mounting holes, servos with wheels, a caster/roller, and a battery pack. The rest is up to you – we’ve worked hard to make this as flexible as possible, so that you can use your choice of microcontroller brains (we recommend a Freeduino SB and GVS Shield) and whatever sensors or accessories you feel like slapping on. This kit is shipping immediately in two flavours, the advanced version (that includes tactile sensors) for $59 and the standard version (not pictured) for $49.

Robbe Sumovore

Youtube user pateycanada just sent us something pretty darn cool. He’s taken our Sumovore, combined it with a SOMO Sound Module and a fistful of other components, and made bot with some attitude. It talks, it sings, and it dances. What more could you possibly want? We’re really impressed with the hard work and clever application that was put into the project. You can see (and hear) it in action and get some more information from the YouTube page.

Do you have a neat project you’d like us to show off? Let us know!

New Releases

While the DragonTail is our big release for the week, we still have a handful of other items that we’re releasing, as well as a few more clearance items. Check out the selection below:

Brutusbot Armor Enhancement Kit BrutusBot Armor Enhancement Kit – $9.85 USD
We’ve made another modification for the Brutusbot – it’s just too fun for us to put down, and we keep coming up with cool things to do with it. Such as the BrutusBot Armor Enhancement Kit that reworks the top of the Brutusbot to accommodate a built-on SAFE. It makes it super-easy to use on an Arduino and shield.
Bulbdial Clock Kit (With Case) - Black Granite Bulbdial Clocks w/ Case – $85.00 USD
The Bulbdial Clock from Evil Mad Science is a wonderful and elegant kit. It uses a circular array of LEDs to cast shadows that are used as hands for an analog-style clock. There’s no two ways about it – it’s a very classy timepiece, in a techno kind of way. We’ve just completed a bit of work to make it available with black, tortoiseshell and granite acrylic cases.
Make Solar Pendulum Bundle Make Solar Pendulum Bundle – $13.40 USD
Owen Tanner created a project featured in Make Magazine Volume 28, which details building your own Solar Pendulum. This bundle has the parts you’ll need to construct your own solar-powered, self-activating pendulum, at a 20% saving over buying the parts individually.
Adafruit Motor Shield Kit v.1.0 Parts BundleAdafruit Ethernet Shield for Arduino PCB - PCB ONLY Clearance Shield and Shield PCBs
Well, it appears that we have two different shield PCBs and one lonely motor shield bundle that’s looking for a home. These PCBs in particular can be useful for experimenting, especially when you don’t need to get them as part of a kit that has a bunch of other parts you might not want.
Make Solar Pendulum Bundle

If you want to be all sneaky about it, you can get both the Motor Shield Parts Bundle and PCB, which works out to a full motor kit at 18% off (while quanitities last).

If we keep going at this rate, it looks like we’ll be dressing up as the Brutusbots for Halloween. It’ll be wildly hilarious to us, and utterly confusing to everyone else. Oh well – we have to at least try to show up those stupid trees and leaves. Those guys win the costume contests every year.